GE MiCOM Agile P44T Catenary Distance Protection


The MiCOM Agile P44T is a multifunctional protection device, supplementing distance main protection with a host of backup protection, thermal protection, recording, control, measurement and monitoring features. It provides fast, highly selective railway catenary distance protection combined with the delta directional decision proven technique. The trip time is typically 0.7 to 1 cycle. Five zones of protection with quadrilateral characteristics allow versatile deployment as the main protection for all AC catenary/feeder systems. With independently settable right and left hand side resistive reaches for each zone the P44T suits routes hosting regenerative braking trains.

  • True subcycle distance tripping
  • Integral digital teleprotection between line ends
  • Advanced load blinding which prevents false tripping due to encroachment of heavy loads
  • Auto reclose to supplement the main distance function
  • Powerful PSL logic is fast and deterministic
  • Communication options right from serial up to IEC 61850 and DNP3 Ethernet
  • Harsh environment coating as standard to all MiCOM relay to protect against corrosive gases such as H22 or SO2
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Protection of classic or auto transformer-fed catenaries in systems with nominal frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz (settable).

Enhanced Ethernet board module with switchable Ethernet redundancy delivered in a single model.

The new board module is supported on P44T SW 02 with IEC 61850 Ed.2 supported on SW 91 (coming soon).

It supports PRP, HSR and RSTP in one model, allowing a single P40 model to be used in any application requiring redundant Ethernet communications. The new module is designed to handle high density traffic in the IEC 61850-8-1 network, with time latency halved. Larger architecture digital substations can also be supported, with up to 50 nodes now possible in HSR rings.

Key benefits:

  • Universal IRIG-B – Modulated and demodulated supported in the same model
  • HSR Ring – Extended to 50 node support for larger substation architectures
  • Fast performance, particularly in onerous applications such as where process bus GOOSE is used for tripping purposes

Product Release Notes for Software verson 6.4.1



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