GE MiCOM Agile P34x Family – Generator Protection Relays


The GE’s MiCOM Agile P34x generator protection relays provide flexible and reliable integration of protection, control, monitoring and measurement functions for a wide range of applications. The P34x relay platform is available in seven models that cover most installations from small generators to sophisticated systems including generator-transformer applications and large variable speed double fed induction pumped storage machines.

Available models:

  • P342 Small Generator Management IED
  • P343 Medium to Large Sized Generator Management IED
  • P344 Generator Management IED with 2 Neutral Voltage Inputs
  • P345 Large Generator Management IED with 100% Stator Earth Fault
  • P346 Small Generator Management IED with Differential
Features include:
  • Extensive condition based monitoring features for generators and transformers
  • Graphical programmable scheme logic eases protection scheme creation and avoids the need for external logic controllers
  • Range of different protocols – MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 61850
  • IEC 61850 / DNP3.0 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing or PRP
  • Programmable curves for easy protection customisation


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Micom Relay Available at CSE Uniserve

Faults in circuits and regular outages can have detrimental effects on machinery. Worst-case scenario incidents that occur in the middle of the night, or during peak seasonal work can impact on a company’s bottom line come year-end, particularly where the underlying issues go unaddressed over long periods of time. While a company may chalk such inconveniences up as to be expected in their industry the reality is that there are plenty of solutions out there that could limit their occurrences or even prevent them completely.

A Micom relay is an effective tool designed to trip a circuit breaker in the event of the detection of a fault. Here at CSE Uniserve, we endeavor to ensure that our customers have access to the best specialist solutions available to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial electrical control. Our mandate is to offer recognised brands to customers that come with long-term support, servicing, and maintenance, delivered by our team of highly experienced engineers.

While we are committed to providing established solutions to the marketplace, we are similarly dedicated to the exploration of new technologies and determining the possibilities that advancements in technology offer to the industries we serve. As such, our customers come to us confident in the knowledge that they will not only receive a choice of world-class solutions but that our team has the capacity and capabilities to deliver innovative new options tailored to their specific needs and production or supply requirements.

Relays and electrical problems

Problems of an electrical nature can result from wear and tear, premature ageing and persistent overloading of insulation materials. This typically will happen over a sustained period of time, however, continual repetition that goes unaddressed will speed up the process and bring about an expense that could be avoided by embracing the full capabilities of new technology.

Conductors exposed to fault initiators such as persistent overloading, vibration, chemicals, dust, moisture and typical wear and tear, insulation will gradually break down and deteriorate. Once this has gone so far electrical faults are the result. The benefit of a protective relay is in its ability to flag even minor deviations before any further damage can occur.

Where a Micom relay excels is in the identification of even the smallest problems. It is designed to monitor changes in current, voltage, temperature and resistance, and where an issue or an anomaly is detected it returns the machine to its equilibrium state. The danger for those who do no use relays or other devices that can protect machinery from a fault is that the opportunity to correct the issue is missed, and therefore significant expense is incurred in order to replace, or repair.

Dedicated Australian Solutions for all

Following up on the installation of a Micom relay is important that users take measures to ensure that regular housekeeping is done outside of relying solely on the device to ensure that there are no other environmental factors in the vicinity that may also pose a threat to operation. Regular maintenance of the relay is just as vital and so here at CSE Uniserve, we provide onsite testing and audits as part of our service to ensure that the products we supply are working at their optimum capacities.

At CSE Uniserve, you will find a company that is committed to the Australian marketplace and dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships that will bring innovative solutions to customers everywhere.

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    • GE’s Agile P34x generator protection solutions provide extensive functionality to meet all generator and generator – transformer applications, including differential protection for fast and selective tripping of phase and earth faults. All generator protection, control, monitoring, recording and communications components are housed within one box, and the solutions are accompanied by a comprehensive library of hardware options, protection and control functions to meet system requirements.

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GE MiCOM Agile P34x Series Guideform Specifications

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