GE MiCOM AGILE P153 – Feeder Protection Relays


The P50 Agile P153 protection relay is a compact offering from GE’s P50 Agile series serving the distribution and industrial markets.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimised protection for Feeder applications
  • Cost effective
  • Compact form factor
  • Measurement/Monitoring/Protection in one box
  • Front USB port for local communication
  • Ease of commissioning and maintenance
  • Flexible SCADA communication protocols
  • Minimised hardware variants.
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The compact P153 relays are the ideal choice for primary or back up protection and monitoring of feeders deployed in medium and low voltage applications. It offers non directional overcurrent and earth fault protection, with its functions designed to cover a wide range of applications in the protection of cables and overhead lines deployed in industrial installations, public distribution networks, and substations.

The P153 relays offer supervision features such as measurement, monitoring and recording functions. Communication protocols available are site selectable for transmitting relay data to a supervisory control system via communication networks. The operator interface allows reading of measured values and simple configuration of the relay. The setting software facilitates configuration and access to all the stored information for monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. P153 relays are housed in a robust metal case suitable for panel mounting.

Additional Functions:

  • Restore default setting option
  • Copy from/to selected setting group.
  • CB Open/Close operation
  • Opto input AC/DC selection
  • Watchdog contact
  • Access control for relay settings


  • MV/LV installation
  • Overhead lines and cables
  • Wide range of measurements for network supervision and operations
  • Non-directional protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Broken conductor detection

Product Release Notes for Software verson 6.4.1

P153 Brochure:


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