GE Kelman TRANSFIX DGA 500 – Multi Gas Analyser


The TRANSFIX™ DGA 500 is an on-line monitoring unit that measures individual dissolved gas and moisture and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. It uses the now well known PAS technology (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) made popular due to its accuracy, repeatability and lack of consumable.

Features include:
  • Five gases plus moisture in a single monitor
  • Automated headspace gas extraction and state of the art photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) measurement technology
  • No carrier or consumable calibration gases required
  • Capable of sampling frequency up to once per hour or user defined sample rates
  • Easy installation: no outages required, reducing expense and inconvenience
  • Integrated load CT allows DGA results to be analysed against the loading of the transformer
  • Extensive remote communications options
  • Integrates into GE’s Perception software
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    • A DS-Agile™ and PREDIX™ Grid APM ready device, the DGA 500’s wide range of communication methods and protocols enables connection to those platforms and integration with GE’s Perception™ transformer fleet management software as well as other software, historian and SCADA systems.

Better categorisation of the testing?

Understanding why analysis response times are important

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Technical Bulletin #18 has long been available to provide guidance to customers for setting DGA alarms on their multigas online monitors. GE regularly revise this bulletin and have just released version 5.  In this release,  some of the thresholds have been adjusted following the recent update of the IEEE C57.104 standard, which now gives different gas levels depending on the age and breathing type of the transformer being monitored.

More information and the Technical Bulletin #18 are available for download here:

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