GE Kelman TRANSFIX DGA 500 – Multi Gas Analyser


The TRANSFIX™ DGA 500 is an on-line monitoring unit that measures individual dissolved gas and moisture and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. It uses the now well known PAS technology (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) made popular due to its accuracy, repeatability and lack of consumable.

Features include:
  • Five gases plus moisture in a single monitor
  • Automated headspace gas extraction and state of the art photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS) measurement technology
  • No carrier or consumable calibration gases required
  • Capable of sampling frequency up to once per hour or user defined sample rates
  • Easy installation: no outages required, reducing expense and inconvenience
  • Integrated load CT allows DGA results to be analysed against the loading of the transformer
  • Extensive remote communications options
  • Integrates into GE’s Perception software
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