GE Kelman TAPTRANS – Transformer and Tap Changer Gas Analsyer


The TAPTRANS is an 9-gas on-line transformer DGA monitoring unit designed to monitor the transformer and OLTC (On-Load Tap-Changer).  The TAPTRANS can individually measure the Main, Selector and Diverter tanks in one unit.  The photo-acoustic detection system used by the TAPTRANS allows measurement of high and low gas levels without the need for extensive re calibration/cleaning.

The TAPTRANS measures all significant fault gases (in ppm) as outlined by international standards as well as moisture in oil (%RH & ppm).  The measurement of these gases allows the user to detect and diagnose a complete range of transformer and tap-changer faults (including overheating and over tapping).

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    • Complete DGA monitoring solution for transformers with On-Line Tap Changers (OLTC). All the features of TRANSFIX available for the transformer main tank and for the OLTC selector and diverter tanks.


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