GE Kelman DGA 900 PLUS – Expandable Transformer Monitoring System


9 gas on-line DGA,  expandable with add-ons to a wholistic Transformer Monitoring System

Features include:
  • 5 Year Warranty offered as standard
  • Modular and retrofittable architecture using selectable standard add-on cards
  • Provides extensive remote insight into transformer condition and safe operation
  • Enables correlation of data for validation and in-depth fault analysis
  • Graphical presentation using built-in web-page based HMI and local color screen
  • Full integration with GE’s acclaimed Perception™ Fleet asset management software
  • From the only vendor with 15 years PAS experience and installed base of >15,000 units
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Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurements of insulating fluids are recognized as the most important tests for condition assessment of transformers. In previous years, multi-gas DGA was traditionally confined to a laboratory environment, with infrequent yearly off-line manual sampling aiding time-based maintenance strategies.
However, as the global average age of transformers continued to rise, the possibility of rapid aging and even catastrophic failure between off-line tests also increased, leading many asset owners to adopt on-line DGA monitoring to provides remote alert and multi-gas diagnostic of deteriorating transformer condition.

Online DGA is now accepted as the most effective method of assessing the condition of a transformer, it does not cover all the possible sources of issues. Sub-systems like the tap changer, the cooling system or the bushings can generate their own problems if they are left unmonitored.The DGA 900 PLUS monitoring system integrates DGA measurement, additional sensors, analysis models and data handling features to address the majority of prevalent failure modes.

The DGA 900 PLUS is a cost-effective package providing the condition assessment tools essential for the effective management and optimal utilization of this critical asset.

Available Add-on cards:

  • Bushing Monitoring
  • Electrical Partial Discharge
  • On Line Tap Changer
  • Transformer Insulating system


DGA 900 PLUS is most suited for monitoring large, mission critical transformers or compromised transformers with a view to extending their life and preventing any unexpected failure:

  • GSU (Generation)
  • HVDC station transformers
  • Transmission transformers
  • Process critical Industrial transformers


Further Information:

Understanding why analysis response times are important

IEC 61850-10 Edition 2 Test Certificate:

Download the GE M&D Range brochure here:



Technical Bulletin #18 has long been available to provide guidance to customers for setting DGA alarms on their multigas online monitors. GE regularly revise this bulletin and have just released version 5.  In this release,  some of the thresholds have been adjusted following the recent update of the IEEE C57.104 standard, which now gives different gas levels depending on the age and breathing type of the transformer being monitored.

More information and the Technical Bulletin #18 are available for download here:

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