GE Digital Energy D400 Advanced Substation Gateway


GE’s Multilin™ D400 is a secure, substation-hardened gateway that collects metering, status, event, and fault report data from serial or LAN based Intelligent substation devices. The D400 summarizes data from the substation devices and makes it available locally/remotely through a standard secure web browser (HTTPS).

It supports serial and/or LAN connections to SCADA masters. TCP/IP network connections are supported over the built-in Ethernet and the modem interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase the operational and non-operational analog data management through Analog Report Generation capability
  • Increase the availability and reliability of data through the presence of a third Ethernet interface, hot-standby functionality and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), IEC 62439-3 Ed 2 scheme
  • Advanced security features including centralized user authentication (LDAP & TACACS+), access control, and auditing enabling compliance with latest NERC/CIP requirements
  • Full suite of SCADA protocols allow for direct communications with Master Stations
  • Secure pass through / terminal services allow personnel to access all substation devices, remotely
  • Secure pass through / terminal server, with support for SSH and TLS, allowing personnel to access substation devices locally or remotely
  • Direct support for industry standard communication protocols (including IEC 61850) ensures connectivity with new and legacy substation devices
  • Graphical configuration with pre-configured device maps, offline editor, and secure LogicLinx connection simplifies device configuration utilizing SGConfig software toolset
  • Application flexibility with complete IEC 61131 SoftLogic Capabilities
  • Enable predictive maintenance with local or remote access to device status, annunciator, and data log
  • Advanced HMI including File Explorer interface and streamlined Alarm page, simplifying device and system management
  • Supports automatic record retrieval from IEDs via TFTP, FTP, SFTP, 61850 MMS, and SEL ASCII
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  • Advanced Gateway – Substation Data collection, concentration and visualization
  • Advanced Automation – Automate substation procedures using IEC 61131 compliant tools
  • Fault Recording & Data Logging – Extract valuable data such as digital fault records and event files
  • Secure Remote Access – Securely access substation device locally and remotely


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Advanced Gateway

The D400 collects data from substation protection, control, monitoring, RTU, and intelligent devices, pre-processes the data and moves it up to EMS and DMS SCADA systems providing centralized substation management.


Advanced Automation

The D400 provides the computing platform necessary to automate substation procedures, such that intricate processes are carried out safely and efficiently by creating custom automation programs using IEC 61131 compliant tools and performs basic math functions on data points using the built-in Calculator tool.


Fault Recording/Data Logging

Using pass-through connections, users can extract valuable non-operational data such as digital fault recording (DFR) records and event files. The user can also access the historical log files and upload the archived data for trending and analysis.


Secure Remote Access

The D400 allows maintenance and relay engineers to securely access substation devices, locally or remotely, through advanced visualizations and communication tools, increasing productivity.



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