GE Digital Energy 650 Protection Relay Family


Cost effective protection, automation and control of distribution feeders

F650 – Primary or back-up protection and control for feeders on solidly grounded, high impedance grounded or resonant (Peterson Coil) grounded systems: Comprehensive Overcurrent, Voltage, and  Frequency functions, Four-shot autorecloser with synchronism check, Manual close with cold load pick up control, Forward power and directional power units, Trip circuit supervision, Breaker control and Breaker failure

G650 – Protection of small to medium sized Induction or Synchronous Generators: Overcurrent, Voltage, and Frequency functions, Generator Thermal Model, Generator Current unbalance, Loss of Excitation, Inadvertent Generator Energization, Volts/Hz, Vector surge loss of mains detection, Restricted Ground Fault

  • Flexible and cost effective control for complex systems through the use of IEC61131 compatible programmable logic to customize the relay’s operation, programmable pushbuttons, LEDs, digital inputs and outputs
  • Reduced troubleshooting time and maintenance costs with event reports, waveform capture and data logger
  • IRIG-B, SNTP and IEEE 1588 (PTP) (F650 only) Time synchronization
  • Multiple protocols – ModBus RTU and over TCP/IP, DNP 3.0 Level 2, IEC 60870-5-104; Embedded IEC 61850 (F650 only), IEC 62439/PRP/HSR (F650 only), IEEE 802.1D/RSTP (F650 only)
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The Multilin 650 family has been designed for the protection, control and automation of feeders or related applications.

The Multilin F650 feeder protection relay provides high speed protection and control for feeder management and bay control applications and comes with a large LCD and single line diagrams that can be built for bay monitoring and control for various feeder arrangements including ring-bus, double breaker or for breaker and half.

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The G650 is a Distributed Generation Protection and Control Relay designed for complete protection of small to medium sized generators as well as operate as a control system for distributed generation interconnections. The G650 provides a cost effective and scalable solution that allows for tailoring your protection, communications, and I/O requirements to meet the needs of your specific application.

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GE Multilin F650 Specifications

GE Multilin G650 Specifications

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