Fuji Medium Voltage VSD FRENIC 4600FM5e Series


Fuji Electric’s FRENIC4600FM5e series of medium voltage inverters enable direct variable speed control of medium voltage motors to ensure stable operations with high efficiency and high power factor while greatly contributing to energy conservation.


  • Compact design for space saving
  • Ideal inverter for power sources and motors
  • High-efficiency and high-power factor
  • High-reliability
  • Contributes to energy saving
  • Easy maintenance
  • Touch panel
  • Auto-tuning functions
  • Fault diagnoses
  • Input transformer


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    • The Fuji Electric medium voltage IGBT inverter FRENIC4600FM5e is one of the highest quality and most relaible VSD available today.  It is used for direct variable speed control of medium voltage motors and offers raised efficiency and power factor, stabilises motor operations and conserves energy.

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