Fuji Low Voltage VSD Lift Series


Over the years, Fuji Electric has collected a well established know how of inverters for Elevator and Lift applications.  With this in mind, Fuji have developed the FRENIC Lift, a drive specialising in elevator applications with a complete suite of features and benefits coupled to legendary Fuji Electric reliability.


  • Dedicated inverter for lift applications
  • User friendly
  • Low maintenance: Long-life design
  • Speed control accuracy: + 0.01%
  • Current loop bandwidth: 500 Hz
  • Powerful: 200% of rated current for 10 s
  • 4.0 kW to 45 kW (3 ph 400 V supply)
  • 5.5 kW to 22 kW (3 ph 200 V supply)
  • 2.2 kW (1 ph 200 V supply)
  • TP-G1-ELS (multifunctional keypad, 12 languages available)
A full range of service and parts to suit Fuji drives are available 24/7 from the factory certified service team at CSE Uniserve.

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The Fuji FRENIC Lift series of exclusive AC Drives for the operation of elevators are especially deigned around a number of improved features such as a vastly lower torque ripple.


Fuji Electric have incorporated the functions that customers need most in elevator controls to provide an AC Drive that delivers performance and is a perfect fit for your elevator systems. If safety, reliability and long life are your prioirty when selecting Elevator or Lift drives, Fuji FRENIC Lift should be on your list.

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