Fuji FRENIC Low Voltage VSD – HVAC


The Fuji Electric FRENIC HVAC Series drives have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of, and provide energy savings to the HVAC customers by controlling water and air flow rates, pressure and temperatures within air conditioning systems for AHU, EAF, RAF, Cooling Tower, Water Pump and Compressor applications.

Available in IP21 and IP55 enclosures ( 0.75kW – 90kW), and IP00 enclosures (110kW- 710kW).


  • Wide capacity range from 0.75 kW to 710 kW
  • IP21 & IP55 with same dimension
  • DCR Reactor and EMC filter built-in up 90 kW / Built-in EMC filter for all capacities
  • Overload capability 110%
  • Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2; integrated as standard
  • Specific macros for common fan and compressor applications
  • Customizable Logic (mini PLC), 14 steps, possibility to manage digital and also analog signals
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Standard 4PID control
  • Unit conversion function (kPa, bar, l/min, etc.)
  • Fire mode (forced operation)
  • Catch spinning motor
  • Password function
  • Torque Vector Control
  • Large LCD display, 19 languages + user customizable language
  • New energy saving functions
  • Battery (OPK-BP)
  • Extension cable for remote operation (CB-…S)
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50% of energy consumption in office buildings is related to air conditioning.


The Fuji FRENIC HVAC series drive features a dedicated inverter that offers an optimal thermal environment keeping the energy consumption in various devices (compressor, condenser water pump, AHU etc) to a minimum. Fuji Electric FRENIC HVAC drives reduces carbon dioxide use with energy saving features, powered by our leading inverter.

  1. EMC filter built-in + DCR built-in type
    0.75 to 90kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected)
  2. EMC filter built-in type
    110 to 710kW (Protective structure IP00)
  3. Inverter capacity EMC filter DC reactor Protective structure
    0.75kW to 90kW Built-in Built-in IP21/IP55
    110kW to 710kW Built-in External IP00


Optimal Control with Energy Saving Function

      • Linearization function
      • Temperature difference constant control and pressure difference constant control
      • Energy saving functions including wet-bulb temperature presumption control
      • Automatic energy-saving operation


Slim Body

      • The first slim body design among the Fuji Electric inverters
      • The size is the same between IP21 and IP55(the first in the industry)


Functions Suitable for HVAC Use

      • 4PID control
      • Fire mode (forced operation or run to destruction)
      • Pick-up operation function
      • Real time clock
      • Torque vector control
      • Filter clogging prevention function
      • Customized logic
      • User friendly, useful keypad
      • Password function

Stand Alone

The inverter can be installed independently; no control panel is required.

Fuji FRENIC HVAC Standard Specifications

Fuji FRENIC HVAC Common Specifications

Fuji FRENIC HVAC External Dimensions

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