Fuji FRENIC Low Voltage VSD – ACE


The Fuji FRENIC Ace is equipped with a high end inverter that produces excellent outcomes, maintaining high performance through optimal design.  In this way, the FRENIC Ace can be used with many types of machines and devices.

The standard inverter for the next generation, the FRENIC Ace can be used in almost any type of application from basic fan and pump applications to involved and high precision, specialised machinery.


  • Customizable logic, Superior flexibility
  • Quadruple rating
  • CAN Open communications built-in as standard
  • Capacity range up to 220 kW in Heavy Duty mode
  • Wide variety of functions as a standard features
  • Functional safety: STO function as standard
  • 10 years lifetime design
  • Multi function keypad
  • Simple keypad with USB port included
  • A full range of service and parts to suit Fuji drives are available 24/7 from the factory certified team at CSE Uniserve.
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Customisable logic function is available as a standard feature. FRENIC-Ace has built-in customisable logic functions with a maximum of 200 steps, including both digital and analog operation functions. This provides you the ability to customize the inverter—from simple logic functions to full-scale programming.


Fuji Electric also has plans to offer programming templates for wire drawing machines, hoists, spinning machines, and other applications so that the FRENIC-Ace can be used as a dedicated purpose inverter.


The FRENIC-Ace has readily available interface cards and various types of fieldbus / network to maximize its flexibility.


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Fuji FRENIC Ace Standard Specifications

Fuji FRENIC Ace Common Specifications

Fuji FRENIC Ace External Dimensions

Fuji FRENIC Ace Model Selection


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