Elspec BlackBox G5DFR – Multi Functional Digital Fault Recorder


The BlackBox G5DFR Power Quality analyzer is a fully featured Digital Fault Recorder embedded with PQZIP technology.  The G5DFR is a distributed multi-functional data acquisition device that continuously records all waveform signals at sampling rate of 1,024 samples per cycle.

Features include:
  • Fully featured Digital Fault Recorder for Transmission and Distribution Substations
  • Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)
  • Class A Power Quality Monitoring
  • Superior accuracy of electrical parameters utilising 24 bit A/D converter with 1024 samples per cycle
  • Built in Web Server
  • 7″ Colour Touch LCD
  • Modular design with 16 analogue and 96 digital channels per module
  • Centralised or decentralised architecture
  • IEC61850 Substation Protocol Support
  • Time synchronisation accuracy to 1 µsec resolution
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    • The Elspec BlackBox G5DFR modular design allows you to expand the system to almost any application in order to offer the most cost effective performance. When coupled with Elspec PQSCADA Sapphire – a multi-vendor support power management system – the BlackBox G5DFR provides a powerful platform for acquisition, analysis and reporting on Substation system data.


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Elspec G5DFR Specifications

Elspec G5DFR Dimensions

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