CSE Uniserve Liquid Resistance Starter – Unistarter EPMA Series


The Australian Made, fully Stainless Steel CSE Uniserve Unistarter EPMA Series Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) offer the ultimate quality and reliability for starting large slip ring motors in mining, cement and water industries.
Offering simplicity, reliability and minimal maintenance, the Unistarter EPMA LRS units provide a perfect solution for critical project applications requiring high starting torque and low starting current with the enhanced fully stainless steel design ensuring suitability for installation in harsh environments.
  • Australian Made and specifically engineered for harsh Australian conditions
  • Full Stainless Steel construction
  • Power ratings to 20MW
  • Custom built starters can be designed for specific applications, based on two decades of research and design experience
  • Offers the ultimate quality in starting large slip ring motors, including fixed speed and variable speed applications suited to a wide variety of industries such as mines, quarries, cement plants, water treatment and associated industries
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      • CSE Uniserve proudly offers a complete range of services to ensure the successful application, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the Australian Made Unistarter  LRS to provide optimal performance and long term operation.

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CSE Uniserve Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starter EPMA Specifications

CSE Uniserve Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starter EPMA Dimensions


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