CSE Uniserve Liquid Resistance Starter – Unistarter EMS Series


The CSE Uniserve Unistarter EMS Series Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) offers high quality at a lower cost. Suitable for slip ring motors up to 2500kW where optimum starting torque and low starting current is a requirement.  The Unistarter LRS offers simplicity, reliability, minimal maintenance and with the enhanced fully stainless steel design ensures suitability for installation in harsh environments and is a perfect solution for critical project applications in a variety of industries including mining, quarries, cement, crushing plants and water.


Features include:

  • Australian Made, manufactured & supported
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Motors up to 2500kW
  • Fixed speed operation & starting torque profiling
  • Smooth, progressive acceleration
  • VSD controlled electrode drive motor
  • Supplied with full factory testing & support packages


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CSE Uniserve proudly offers the Australian Made Unistarter EMS Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS) to provide optimal performance and long term operation.  These fully Stainless Steel Motor Starters have extremely long life and guaranteed performance in even the most demanding conditions and applications.Our offer includes a complete range of services to ensure the successful application, installation, commissioning and maintenance of these very reliable and well regarded MV Motor Starters.

CSE Uniserve Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starter EMS Dimensions

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