Ensure the safety, protection, control and uptime of your operations – whatever the demands – with the proven high-performance equipment, localised support and trusted expertise of CSE Uniserve, leaders in protection and automation.

We have been delivering protection solutions across transmission, distribution, generation renewables, motor, monitoring, metering and control to the market for decades. Many of our platforms have been in service for over 20 years, and the knowledge and experience gained over this period inform our current installations, ongoing improvements and future developments.

Our comprehensive relay range – spanning feeder, busbar, capacitor, distance generator, temperature, line differential, and tripping/auxiliary relays – feature high-performance protection, and features including integrated monitoring and metering, high-speed communications, and extensive programming and configuration capabilities. We are the exclusive Australian distributor for GE MiCOM and GE Multilin relay products, all backed up by our Australian-based service, support and spare parts.

Our G&W CLiP solution provides a genuine alternative strategy for those seeking protection for underrated switchboards and/or Arc Flash issues. Using proven technology, the CLiP reacts to fault currents exceeding a programmed level in any phase by triggering an explosive charge inside the interrupter on the affected phase or phases, thereby reducing the Fault current in around one-quarter of a cycle, averting damage to associated switchgear and other equipment.

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