LV Soft Starters 220v - 1,200v

LV Soft Starters 220v - 1,200v

Soft Starters

Starting a motor is taxing on a machine. The inrush of current required to get a large motor going puts significant pressure on equipment. Soft starters are used to ensure that during the start-up process a gentle start-up takes place, which has a beneficial effect in terms of a machine’s potential life.
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Safeguarding equipment

It has become more and more important to find mechanisms and solutions that safeguard equipment against premature ageing and the wear and tear associated with the old-fashioned methods of work. Repairs and maintenance are costly and when you require emergency assistance to get a production line back on track it can very quickly run into the thousands of dollars.

The need to reduce inefficiencies is imperative as the customer mindset shifts toward their suppliers’ carbon footprints. As such, companies are more determined than ever to streamline their processes and procedures to deliver outstanding service that is designed to set them apart from their competitors.

At CSE Uniserve, our goal is to deliver products and services that offer a range of options to our customers. While we believe that the established names in the industry have earned their places through consistent delivery of quality products, we believe in offering our clients alternative options that may be a better suited to their specific set of needs. As such, we put our extensive engineering, design and support resources to use in order to partner up with international manufacturers to bring new products that will offer something new to an ever-changing industry.

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Isn’t a soft starter just another name for a variable frequency drive?

Many people will think that there is little between a soft starter and a variable frequency drive, however, there are some key differences worth mentioning.

The obvious difference is that a soft starter works only at start-up, whereas the VFD is used at both start-up and stopping. A soft starter protects AC electric motors from damage caused at start-up as a result of the sudden influx of current and, as such, they are designed to provide a gentle incline toward full speed. They are often referred to under the acronym RVSS, which stands for Reduced Voltage Soft Starters.

In terms of application, wherever speed and torque control are required, or where it has been identified that a reduction of power at start-up is needed, or, where pressure surges need to be eliminated in piping systems that experience sudden changes of direction of the fluid they transport. What’s more, they are a good choice where space is a factor in comparison to variable frequency drives.

Mutually beneficial results through collaboration

If you are in the market for a soft start motor or to explore options in any other aspect of your processes where efficiencies related to power or machine operation are in need of new solutions to better exploit their capabilities, we encourage you to contact us.

Our dedicated team of engineers has a wide range of solutions as well as innovative ideas and we are always looking to create new relationships that will lead to long-term mutually beneficial results.

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