Software for Industrial Energy Management Products

Software for Industrial Energy Management Products

Looking for a way to identify energy saving potential, analyse parameters, and help optimise the utilisation of your operating equipment? CSE Uniserve offers customers and partners the flexibility and advantages of master station software, specifically designed for use with our range of industrial energy measurement and power quality monitoring equipment

This scalable, user-friendly software is designed to detect production downtimes at an early stage. It offers simple and effective reporting and reporting for energy management, power quality monitoring and residual current detection, and is perfectly suited for developing standards-compliant systems.

Customers can monitor limit values of measured variables, consumption data, residual currents and device communication. The software provides escalation levels for needs-based alerting via email and web interface. Automated functions exist for time-controlled task management and customer can plan data imports, report generation or device readouts, and create shift schedules. You can also create your own dashboards and overviews with a wide range of graphics quickly and easily with no programming knowledge.

See our current offering in this space below – the Janitza GridVis Network visualisation and design software – or contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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