Industrial Energy Measurement

Industrial Energy Measurement

Energy management is a critical competitive factor in any industrial setting, which also delivers important environmental and societal benefits. Operators who can keep a close eye on their energy consumption, can reduce costs and potential negative impacts relating to over-consumption, while increasing efficiency and outputs. 

At CSE Uniserve we carry a range of Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) energy management devices and systems, including power quality meters, circuit monitoring, and residual current monitoring and measurement devices from leading providers GE and Janitza

Many of these solutions offer real-time or near-real time reactions and continuous monitoring to support the identification of potential energy savings and improvements. These solutions have broad applications across a wide variety of industries and applications including utilities, generation, transmission and distribution markets – and more recently large-scale renewables projects – as well options that are especially suitable for systems requiring high uptime requirements such as Data Centres.

See our range of industrial energy management products below. We also carry the GridVis Network Visualisation and Design Software which allows you to analyse and detect failures, as well as optimise your equipment on an ongoing basis. This solution is suited for the design of Energy, RCM and Power Quality Monitoring systems that meet standards/compliance requirements.

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