Software for Digital Fault Recorders and Power Quality Analysers

Software for Digital Fault Recorders and Power Quality Analysers

In today’s world, power distribution networks deploy an array of protection equipment, power quality analysers, revenue meters and other monitoring equipment to ensure high quality and reliable power flow, as well as energy efficiency. The ability to analyse synchronised data from a variety of data sources within one system is therefore essential to meet today’s highest level of reliability, quality and energy efficiency.

The software offered by CSE Uniserve for digital fault recorders and power quality analysers enables all fault recorders, power quality analysers, revenue meters and all other IED to be analysed in a single system. It has sophisticated event detection capabilities enabling the devices to record only raw data. The software can be reached from any location using standard secured, firewall friendly protocols and can also be configured to send emails, SMS and pop-up notifications to users according to preconfigured scenarios.

Reports can be generated manually, or scheduled for delivery on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis empowering your ability to plan control measures and make data-driven decisions. Reports can also be triggered by compliance policy violation, or the occurrence of an event. You can also obtain an overview of your electrical network and measuring devices over geographic map.

See our current offering in this space below – the Elspec PQSCADA Sapphire Power Quality Management Software – or contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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