Power System Monitoring

Power System Monitoring

When it comes to power, you don’t want to leave it to the unexpected. At CSE Uniserve we are always looking for the best power system monitoring solutions that allow our customers to better measure, store and analyse power quality, and we only partner with the leading brands to make sure that all the information gathered is highly accurate and can be used to make the best decisions. 

While a typical power system monitoring ‘event’ is configured by a user based on statistics and knowledge, an ‘incident’ is a real occurrence. The correlation between an event and an incidence depends on the level of statistics and knowledge held by the user. To avoid recurring incidences, the user needs to analyse them. If the event is not well configured, the incidence will not be interpreted correctly or will be missed. In another case, too many events may be randomly recorded which may result in over storage of useless information in the memory’s device.

CSE Uniserve represent world leading technologies for Power System Monitoring from GE and Elspec. Our power quality monitoring, digital fault recording, fault locators (travelling wave) and phasor management products can be supplied to site, or we can work with you to engineer the solution your site requires.

We also carry the Elspec PQSCADA Sapphire Power Quality Management Software which enables you to gather and analyse of all field generated data on a central software solution, regardless of IED manufacturer. See our full range of power system monitoring devices below.

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