HardFiber Process Bus Solutions

HardFiber Process Bus Solutions

HardFiber Process System

The HardFiber System is a KEMA tested IEC 61850 Process Bus Solution that allows the mapping of measurements made in the switch yard to protection relays located in the control house using secure communications.
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Are You In Need Of A Dependable HardFiber Process Bus?

When it comes to wide-scale power supply, control and protection, there is no room for error. Expansive wiring can be a nightmare when trying to troubleshoot an electrical issue and can be demanding in terms of manpower and labour costs. That is where a process bus comes to the fore, enabling easy access to a broad range of electrical maintenance from one localised hub. Today, this small piece of equipment has become an invaluable tool in utilities, refineries, mines, transportation, heavy industry and water treatment. For well over thirty years, we have been delivering mission critical electrical equipment and engineering solutions to the biggest names in all industries around the world.

The Hidden Benefits Of Process Bus

Every copper wire in a substation is a potential electrical-shock risk, whether it is from a current transformer, a potential circuit or a control wire. The secondary circuit on a highly inductive current transformer poses the largest safety risk. A potential hazard results when an energised current transformer wire is unknowingly disconnected. The defining feature of a digital substation is the process bus replacing current transformers and potential circuits with non-conventional instrument transformers. This is when sensor technology digitises the analogue power system measurements. Additionally, the process bus means copper control wires are replaced with digitised binary information for breaker status and control. A switch to digital can cut the number of copper wires in a substation by more than eighty percent, which is a significant cost saving. Most importantly, eliminating open-current circuits and replacing copper control wires minimises exposure to high-voltage electricity and reduces the risk of damaging equipment.

HardFiber Versatility

A HardFiber process bus is a perfect solution for:

  • Power generation installations, transmission and distribution systems
  • Generator protection, transformer protection, transmission line protection, bus protection, feeder protection, motor protection, capacitor bank protection, wide area network protection
  • Distributed busbar protection and bay control, enabling centralized overcurrent backup protection
  • Substation automation
  • Air-insulated and gas-insulated substations
  • Multi-terminal line differential where two or more terminals are less than two kilometres apart
  • Remote protection to mitigate against exposing operators to arc flash hazards

The Smart Approach To Electrical Engineering

If you are overseeing the development of a new worksite or power distribution relay, then you can do no better than a HardFiber system to manage your power and guarantee the complete protection of all workers in any scenario. CSE Uniserve supplies the cutting edge electrical engineering solutions to leading companies around the world. Before starting your next project, be sure to get a free quote from us on all your power distribution products. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and make our recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your next venture. You can contact our client support team by phone, or you can arrange an appointment through our website. We have the experience, the expertise, the customer-centred approach and dedication to quality that you need to see your plans reach their full potential.

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