Indrivetec Energy control and storage systems provide multiple uses in the Industrial, Commercial and Utility sectors as well as for Micro Grids.

Used with or without battery banks to balance and control multiple energy sources, for ilanding and Black Starts in a broad MW range.  These systems are totally modular and scalable, designed and manufactured in Switzerland and Bulgaria to ISO9001.  The complete systems can be delivered to site ready for installation, with or without battery banks included.   CSE Uniserve support the entire process in Australia and can assist with installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

These systems offer state of the art energy control for when reliablity and performance are paramount and feature no power derating for voltages up to 1,100VDC.

We offer state of the art, robust technology featuring the smallest unit volume and lowest weight per kW and optional cooling systems enabling full operation without derating up to 55c ambient temperatures.

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