GE Kelman

GE Kelman

GE Kelman Gas Analysers

When your business operations depend on oil-filled transformers, it is of course extremely important that you’re able to successfully monitor how your equipment is functioning and quickly identify any faults which might occur. This way, you can guarantee the maximum efficiency and productivity of your transformers, whilst minimising downtime and keeping everything operating safely.

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If you’re looking for the best way to do all of the above, look no further than a GE Kelman Gas Analyser, available from CSE Uniserve. This state of the art and portable technology will allow you to identify faults in their earliest stages, so you can plan for remedial works or begin corrective actions immediately and ensure that your business doesn’t suffer as a result.

The Best Asset Performance Management Equipment Available

There’s no doubt that the Kelman Gas Analyser is one of the best pieces of transformer performance management equipment available on the Australian market. As well as being quick and easy to use, it is able to provide remote alerts and multi-gas diagnostics of any oil filled transformers in your system and enables you to make important ongoing operational decisions without having to manually visit the site in question for sampling.

You can be confident that you’ll always be able to remain totally on top of the functionality of your critical electrical transformers, without having to worry about constant physical maintenance checks and inspections or the stress of having to frantically identify the cause of a fault when it suddenly occurs without warning.

GE Kelman DGA 900

One of Australia’s Leading Electronics and Engineering Equipment Specialists

At CSE Uniserve we’re extremely proud to have built a strong reputation for being one of the leading experts in electronic equipment and engineering services Australia has to offer. As well as providing a range of top-quality products, all of our M&D equipment is manufactured in Europe to the highest possible standards. We’re also careful to ensure that our team of highly trained and experienced experts is always on hand to provide professional, attentive customer service which truly goes the extra mile.

Whether you’re looking for more information about a particular product, help with installing a new piece of equipment, or ongoing inspections and maintenance advice to ensure that you get the most out of your new purchase, our team will be happy to assist. Get in touch today.

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