Single Gas Analysers

Single Gas Analysers

Gas Analysers

If you’re looking for a gas analyser to help manage your oil filled transformer, and a team of experts who can supply a system to assist your operation, then look no further. CSE Uniserve offers a range of single and multi-gas analyser units.  Our factory trained team also offer local maintenance and support should you ever need it.

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A single gas analyser system from GE is not only reliable, but also ideal to assist in monitoring critical assets.  Over time, electrical and thermal stresses on a transformer’s insulating materials can result in transformer faults. Insulating materials will breakdown as stresses accumulate and release several different gases which can be detected in transformer insulating oil using Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) techniques for determining the type of pending or occurring fault.

We always ask people how they protect or manage this vital part of their infrastructure, and are constantly amazed at the amount of businesses that only test for dissolved gases within the transformer every year or two.  A Dissolved Gas Analyser from CSE Uniserve can test daily, or even several times each day once a fault condition is identified. Some models can also report back to a central control room, initiate alarms and/ or email or SMS alarms conditions to specific personnel so you know as issues begin to occur, not after it is too late to take corrective action. Apart from potentially a huge explosion and fire, the loss of production or services is the main issue our clients face should a transformer fail.  We describe a single gas dissolved gas analyser as just like a smoke alarm in your home.  When it detects gas which triggers an alarm, you will know a problem is beginning to occur.  You should attend the site and look to identify the issue and make corrective action before the asset fails.  We can also assist with tools for making those assessments and walk you through a suitable plan for total asset management, not just hoping it doesn’t fail.

Single gas analysers - Hydran-MX-2

We’ll walk you through the features of our gas detection and analyser solutions, discuss how they can be worked into your current system and how they can benefit you and your operation.

Our Single Gas Analysers

We offer a small range of single dissolved gas analysers, as well as software solutions for transformer management. From basic stand alone units through to multi-level asset management tools coupled to highly intelligent software, our GE units start with a small early warning unit that is easily mounted onto a transformer by any competent tradesperson.  This unit provides you with a single reading of a target gas, alerting you to fault conditions starting to occur as early as possible. It also allows you to download each reading to identify trends and set alarms for a number of pre-determined levels, keeping you and your team safe, and aware of any potential problems with your equipment.  

We understand how this equipment works and can help you install them into your operation and offer ongoing training and support.

Talk To Us About Our Product Range

Not sure which one of our products is right for you? Want to learn more about our single gas analysers and advanced transformer monitoring systems?

Our team of qualified electrical engineers are here to offer all the advice and assistance you need. Get in touch today.

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