Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Advanced Transformer Monitoring

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Advanced Transformer Monitoring

When a power transformer’s insulation system is overstressed, the oil and paper within the insulation undergo chemical degradation producing hydro-carbon gases as well as moisture that dissolve into the insulating oil. This over-stressing increasing the ageing process for the transformer, shortening its life, impacting its reliability, and – in some cases – can lead to a catastrophic failure.

Dissolved gas analysis - GE Multilin Kelman Minitrans Image

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is the process of analysing the insulting oil to detect gases that can indicate the existence a fault. The rate of change in these gas levels can then be used to determine the severity of this fault and help prevent unplanned transformer outages.

A continuous approach to DGA in power transformers is a critical component in condition-based maintenance (CBM). Utility operators can easily monitor ageing of their transformers and take a strategic approach to asset management and replacement.

CSE Uniserve partners with GE Kelman to provide a range of online Transformer Monitoring equipment for single and multi-tank units using conventional or eco oils. The range includes single, multiple and portable Dissolved Gas Analysis products as well as Tap Changer and Bushing monitoring.

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