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Power Transformer Products at CSE Uniserve

Systems efficiency is what we all strive for in business. Whether you are in mining, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas or renewables, the bottom line is always the same, get more by doing less. The focus on having green credentials has only served to push the creativity and innovative tendencies of engineers around the world toward finding solutions that exceed the former limits of preceding technology and find that next level, while simultaneously creating a mechanism that optimises its energy uses and wastes as little as possible. A power transformer is no different, and while we are all familiar with them, they are changing to meet the expectations of an increasingly green-focused customer base.

Here at CSE Uniserve, we endeavour to continuously push the quality of our solutions beyond our past achievements through regular streamlining of our business processes and practices. To this end, we have set quality assurance goals and have instilled a culture that embraces positive change and creative solutions. This forward-thinking attitude has served us well to date and given us a reputation as problem solvers within our industries who are not afraid to move beyond the tried and tested products in order to explore the possibilities new technologies and alternative products offer, that might better serve our customer base.

High-efficiency transformers are just one of the products we offer because of their ability to not only save money but reduce the carbon footprint of companies who use them.

Features of high efficiency transformers

Transformers are going nowhere. They are an indispensable part of energy supply from generation to transmission and distribution and facilitate the transportation of electricity from vast distances to keep major business hubs and civic areas operational.

The use of copper in the coils is what differentiates most high-efficiency transformers from the standard models. Copper is particularly efficient due to its low resistance to electric current and best of all is completely recyclable as well as being an incredibly malleable and ductile metal. While this drives the cost of acquiring transformers that incorporate it up, the benefits of a much more efficient system mean that the cost of investment is quickly recouped.

An electrical transformer of this kind is also much friendlier to the environment because since less fossil fuel is burned to generate the electricity, meaning that there is less waste and a reduction of the carbon footprint for companies who choose them over standard transformers. Less heat is also generated and that is good news in terms of the longevity of the transformer itself.

When only the best will do

Here at CSE Uniserve, we have been in the Australian market for over 35 years providing genuine alternatives and top class service and solutions that separate us from all others. We believe in value through design, engineering and complimenting it with customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a range of support services including onsite testing and commissioning, training, preventative maintenance and site audits.

As such, we encourage you to pick up the phone and begin the conversation with our team at CSE Uniserve where we promise to bring you the best, and most appropriate solutions, to take your organisation to the next level.

Ongoing Maintenance And
24/7 Service Means Less Downtime
And Costly Delays For Your Site

We strongly value the technical knowledge and competence of our teams and their commitment to deliver exceptional customer service. We deliver lifetime service and technical support for all our technologies through skilful in-house personnel. You can rest assured your business is in the hands of experts.

Our service team has access to a huge range of equipment and tools. This allows us to offer the best value maintenance services and take optimal care of your equipment, meaning less downtime, faults and lower operating costs.

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