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Power Quality Analyzer

Gaining an advantage in the marketplace takes a lot of hard work, effort and long-term commitment from all corners of a business to finally convince a potential customer to choose what you do over your competitors. Quality is king in all aspects of business and this holds true for those in the manufacturing, energy and heavy industries also. In terms of energy, having a quality power supply is the difference between earning and sustaining those major key contracts. As such, it goes without saying that power quality monitoring is an essential part of day-to-day processes for major corporations and energy suppliers not only in Australia but also around the world.

Power quality analyzers & monitoring 

Fortunately, at CSE Uniserve, we have over 35 years experience servicing Australian companies and as such have identified products that offer significant efficiency advantages and also create new solutions in-house, exploiting our considerable expertise. As such, we offer genuine solutions designed, manufactured and implemented by our team of world-class engineers to ensure that our clients are poised to reap the rewards of our forward-thinking, innovations.

How power quality monitoring makes a difference

There are a number of ways power quality monitoring can have a significant impact on a company’s processes, and so, here are a few that are worth taking into consideration:

1) Systems often break down however the presence of this technology can enable early detection of the root cause of the problem, which empowers engineers and technicians to address it before it develops, or the system crashes.

2) Each unit will come with a factory set baseline against which, over time, the readouts generated from a company’s own usages can be compared to determine anomalies in the system. Furthermore, the recording of data over time allows for an analysis that can help diagnose problems in future before they occur, or recur.

3) In the wake of an event, the analytic data gathered by the device can be used to figure out exactly how a chain of events occurred and why, thereby pinpointing the issue that led to the outage.

4) Regular troubleshooting of issues as they present in the data can help prevent outages which makes for a much smoother and consistent supply. This, in turn, has a positive knock-on effect in terms of customer perception of the company.

5) The system baseline as recorded over time can be used as the starting point against which simulated transients and other events can be tested against in order to determine likely responses.

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An efficient powerful future

At CSE Uniserve, we understand that it is no longer enough to be a supplier, and we appreciate that there is an increasing need for flawless service that meets demands at all times. This is especially true for those who supply high usage buildings and organisations such as hospitals, where the absence of power is simply unacceptable and can create immense expense on both sides of this business partnership.

So, for those seeking out a power quality analyser that could save thousands of dollars and positively affect your company’s ability to supply energy in an uninterrupted manner, we encourage you to contact us so that we can talk about some of the options we have available and discuss possible solutions that will set you up.

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