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Here at CSE Uniserve, we are well established providers of high-end specialist equipment and solutions to utilities, generation, transmission and distribution markets and more recently, large scale renewables projects.  We offer value to our customers by providing engineering and design solutions from well known, world class brands that simultaneously give peace of mind in terms of our long-term support service and maintenance capabilities.  When you choose CSE Uniserve for transformers, secondary systems, substation communications and network design, you receive the benefit of our industry acclaimed, world-class engineering teams’ 36 years’ experience in the Australian Electrical Industry, a proven knowledge base and support systems that set us apart.

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Power Meter For Electrical Monitoring

Advances in technology have brought major benefits to all sectors of Australian business and to the lives of customers everywhere.  New technology allows for a lot more functionality and safety and better suits a world that is increasingly looking toward smart ways to more efficiently measure and manage power.  Using the latest technology, companies are now better able to understand and plan for patterns of behaviour that might once have come as a surprise. All the information these recorders, meters and systems provide make them almost imperative for any business or commercial site wanting to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with energy consumption and plant maintenance.

Advantages of modern electrical digital fault recorders, meters and software 

The latest technology digital fault recorders, meters and monitoring systems are a great way to generate and record fast, accurate measurements of electricity.  With network connectivity and advanced software options, can form the basis of advanced energy management in any sized plant or operation at surprisingly low cost.

Better still, companies are empowered by this information to understand more deeply the costs of electricity and plant maintenance based on use, timing and power factor as market and plant demands shift.  With your infrastructure in good shape, your employees working where they are needed most, it helps to optimise your resources and as a consequence, generate greater income and profits.

A multifaceted company for all of Australia

While we are passionate about electricity and power at CSE Uniserve, we have a broad knowledge base that enables us to serve many more sectors of industry. Our team strive to exceed client expectations in mining, transport and oil & gas industries, manufacturing, water as well as electrical utilities and renewables.

So, when you are looking to replace an old power meter system or if you simply want to inquire about solutions that will enable your company to take advantage of the technological advances available, get in touch with us at CSE Uniserve where we promise you will be met with unrivalled expertise and a future built on the safest and most sustainable solutions.

CSE Uniserve is Australia's leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Our Products

Power Conversion

Originally specialising in HV electric motors, CSE Uniserve has naturally developed its expertise around motor control and related electrical equipment. Based on a team of expert engineers and strong supplier partnerships, CSE Uniserve offers comprehensive product and engineering solutions around motor control.

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Protection & Automation

CSE Uniserve has been providing utility upgrade power system protection, communications and monitoring systems to major industries for over 36 years. We provide advanced technology solutions to protect, monitor and control critical electrical infrastructure.

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Technical Services

We are committed to providing comprehensive lifetime service and technical support expertise for all our technologies through dedicated in house and onsite services. Our factory trained technicians draw on the experience gained over 36 years of servicing the Australian Electrical Industry.

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