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Allow us to monitor the health of your transformers so that you can get on with what you do best. We provide an easy-to-install bundle to monitor your transformer oil and send the data to our secure cloud server. Our analytics software will process the data so we can generate the transformer reports for you.

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The Hydran is available with single or composite gas sensor and is a simple to install, field-proven DGA transformer monitoring solution. It provides continuous monitoring of gas and moisture levels in the transformer oil to alert users of developing faults and minimise the risk of unplanned outages. The Hydran is compatible with GE's acclaimed Perception™ software to download, trend and analyse transformer health data.

Single gas analysers - Hydran-MX-2
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The MDS Orbit's rugged and reliable platform hardware and software is built on an extensive enterprise-class cyber security framework. Ideal for remote applications where IT infrastructure is not available or practical.

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GE's Perception™ software is an advanced transformer fleet management tool that provides real-time assessments, alarms and condition reports. It can also import offline lab data to enhance the overall insights into asset health. Perception™ is also available for the user to host and access themselves.

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