Hosted Transformer
Health Monitoring

CSE-Uniserve can provide a complete bundled transformer monitoring solution so that you can get up and running faster. By letting us take care of things, you get:

  • GE Hydran transformer monitor for continuous gas and moisture monitoring
  • GE MDS Orbit Cellular radio for secure remote access without worrying about additional Communications and IT infrastructure
  • GE Perception™ visualisation and analytics software hosted on our Secure Cloud Server
  • Receive email alerts and regular reports to allow you to make decisions about your key assets.

Key Benefits

Safety & Reliability

* Reduce risk of catastrophic failure, personnel exposure to unsafe conditions and damage to the environment and property
* Identify issues early so that lower cost repairs can be performed
* Avoid long lead times and expense associated with unplanned replacements

Condition-Based Maintenance

* Move from schedule-based
maintenance to condition-based
* Reduce unnecessary site visits by
personnel due to remote access to
asset data
* Allow maintenance personnel to
focus more on planned activities

Asset Life Extension

* Attend to conditions that can have
an ageing impact on the
* End-of-life management so that
asset can continue to be used
until a replacement solution is

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