Our tailored training
workshops equip your staff
to use equipment safely,
efficiently and without error

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Train your staff to get
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We train staff in the safe use, operation and maintenance of electrical equipment. Our 40 years’ of industry experience means our engineers know everything there is to know about all the products we offer. We can pass this expertise onto your staff, ensuring your equipment is used and maintained correctly at all times.

Whether you’re after basic product training for your equipment operators and maintenance team, or a more advanced session for highly experienced staff, we can deliver a training session according to your needs and workplace.

Customised training workshops to suit your needs

We offer sessions on site or in our purpose-built training facilities, whichever suits you and your team. We completely customise every training workshop to individual requirements, so you won’t ever have to waste time listening to information not relevant to your business.

Our engineers will show your staff the most efficient way to use the equipment, so you reduce the amount of errors made and breakdowns which occur as a result. Your team will have better knowledge of how the equipment functions and how to use it more effectively in your workplace.

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Discover how a bespoke training plan can reduce
mistakes, shutdowns and serious injury in your business
(Value $567)

The types of training we offer…

Effective use of products

Specifically made for plant operators and users to ensure all staff involved with plant operations know the equipment and its basic functions, as well as the required actions in case of unusual events (e.g. alarms, error light etc.)

Download the CSE Uniserve Capability Statement here:

Care and Maintenance

This covers the basic upkeep and care of the product. It includes safety training on disconnection and primary responses for issues which may arise. It is best for people undergoing this training to be suitably qualified and prepared to engage in basic fault finding.

In-Depth maintenance

Shaped around companies and their own qualified maintenance team who require training on the product and how to effectively care for and service the equipment on an ongoing basis. This is for staff familiar with the technlogy who are able to change parts and deliver fault finding to a higher degree.

Download our Technical Services Capability Statement here:

Claim your free training plan now

Discover how a bespoke training plan can reduce
mistakes, shutdowns and serious injury in your business
(Value $567)

Reduce the risk of accidents and serious injury

The first and most important part of any training session is to make sure staff know how to safely operate equipment. Safety is paramount on any worksite. By following carefully planned operating procedures, your team will be able to avoid any serious injury which can occur from incorrect operation.

We also train staff on what to do if something does go wrong. We’ll equip them with the correct actions to take should they hear alarms, see flashing lights or receive error codes while operating products. This will ensure they know exactly how to remain calm and respond safely should any problem arise.

Increase your equipment’s lifespan and efficiency

Correct care of equipment ensures it lasts longer and operates more efficiently. If your maintenance staff have a sound understanding of each product and how to care for it, they will be able to keep it in peak condition. This will increase the lifespan of your products, saving you money in the long run.

Keeping equipment in peak condition also ensures it runs more efficiently. You’ll have better maintained and longer lasting equipment, reducing your running costs and the amount of money you spend on spare parts.

Here’s how it works…

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We design a bespoke training workshop just for your business

We create a training program which addresses your main concerns and delivers the tools and knowledge your staff needs to advance their skills.

You look over the program and give us your seal of approval

This plan is made especially for you. We will not start until you are completely satisfied and have covered all the topics and equipment that you require.

We deliver the training workshops and add skills to your crew

We execute the training workshop while you witness your workplace become a safer and more efficient place, allowing your project and team to thrive.

Claim your free training plan now

Discover how a bespoke training plan can reduce
mistakes, shutdowns and serious injury in your business
(Value $567)

Our products work the first time or we’ll work for free until they do – Guaranteed

Products we commission work 100% of the time. We’re so confident of that, we guarantee it. Any product you purchase and have commissioned by us will work straight away – with NO downtime to your business. And in the highly unlikely event it doesn’t, we’ll work for FREE until everything is up and running properly. That’s our promise to you.

Free, no obligation 30 minute bespoke training plan + consultation (valued at $567)

Want your maintenance staff and operators to have the knowledge and skills to look after all equipment on your site? Want to avoid costly downtime, or shutdowns due to a mistake with equipment which could have been avoided with proper training?

Don’t assume your staff know how to handle every product on your site – It’s not worth the risk.

In this free 30 minute consultation we’ll discuss all your products, what they are used for in your business, and how your staff interact with them. Then we will create a FREE bespoke training plan for your staff. This way, you ensure you maximise the value of your investment.

These free consultations are strictly for a limited time and the offer may end at a moment’s notice. So act NOW and discover how a bespoke training workshop can help your business.

Discover how a bespoke training plan can reduce
mistakes, shutdowns and serious injury in your business
(Value $567)