We commission and set up your equipment so you know it’s done reliably and on time – Guaranteed

Claim your free site audit to make sure your equipment is running safely and efficiently (Value $3199) plus, we’ll give you a detailed report of our findings

Our team of experts
will commission your

Setting up your new equipment incorrectly can cause expensive delays, create unnecessary safety problems and reduce the life and efficiency of the equipment. All this can lead to a huge amount of stress, cost you thousands of dollars and hours of lost time.

We can commission every piece of equipment we sell to save you the time and risks. We send you experts who have worked with the products for years. We take care of everything and make sure the equipment is completely set up and ready to use.

Have your new equipment working properly and efficiently in the shortest time possible

Our expert team has the required knowledge and right tools to guarantee a safe and quick start of your equipment. This means all your gear will be set up properly in the shortest possible timeframe. There will be no downtime or delays which hinder productivity and cost you money.

We will also make sure it is set up safely and adhere to any legal requirements so your site remains compliant. You will be sure you and your team will have a safe environment to work in.

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Increase the efficiency and lifespan
of your equipment

We can set up everything the right way to ensure maximum efficiency and increase the life of your equipment. This will mean easier use and operation for you and your team. It will also mean the equipment can perform more efficiently and for longer periods.

We will make sure the environment in which it is being installed is appropriate to ensure there will be no danger of damage to the equipment. This will also help increase the product life and result in greater value.

Claim your free site audit now
Make sure your equipment is running safely
and efficiently (Value $3199)


Our products work the first time or we’ll work for free until they do – Guaranteed

Products we commission work 100% of the time. We’re so confident of that, we guarantee it. Any product you purchase and have commissioned by us will work straight away – with NO downtime to your business. And in the highly unlikely event it doesn’t, we’ll work for FREE until everything is up and running properly. That’s our promise to you.

Free, no obligation site audit (valued at $3199)

Building a new site or renovating an existing one? Looking to take charge of your maintenance and uptime or thinking of replacing outdated equipment? Right now, you can get a FREE no-obligation site audit, where we’ll gather all the information we need to deliver a tailored proposal for your business so you can make sure your equipment is as safe and efficient as you need it to be. This includes:

  • Non-invasive inspection of the installation environment and equipment
  • Detailed report and recommendations on essential spares
  • Equipment upgrade recommendations
  • Compliance assessment
  • Equipment audit and planning strategy
  • Maintenance cycle optimization recommendations

Plus, we’ll also reveal:

  • How to eliminate the risk of buying a product which isn’t right for your project
  • The essential questions you should ask your contractors and engineers to ensure you obtain the outcomes you are seeking

This offer is strictly for a limited time and may be taken down at a moment’s notice. So act NOW to book your free no obligation site audit.