We pride ourselves on meeting the demands of power system protection, automation and data management applications across multiple industries, designing and supplying equipment and solutions for secondary protection systems, power quality, asset monitoring, Mill and Motor starting and speed control – enabled not only by our partnerships with leading technology companies, but through our own design and engineering expertise, high quality equipment and training standards.

I Need...


Our experts will ensure your equipment is up and running properly and safely from the word go, so you don’t have to risk your people or production.

Technical Services

At CSE Uniserve we offer a full range of ongoing maintenance and field services – including maintenance plans – and carry an extensive range of critical equipment and spare parts, so we always have what you need on-hand when it comes to repairs, upgrades, and retrofits.

Tailored Engineering Solutions

Do you have a problem in Electrical or Mission Critical Communications engineering? We’ll solve it for you or find someone who can.


We offer training lead by product experts so your staff will know how to use and take care of all the equipment on your site. This way you’ll avoid any unnecessary shutdowns or accidents as you staff gain all the knowledge needed to perform at their best and maintain your equipment in any situation.