About CSE Uniserve

Our clients come to us to start great things. They come back because we help keep great things going.

CSE Uniserve is an integral part of CSE Global, one of the world’s largest independent system integration organisations, with a global footprint spanning 20 countries. Originally operating as an independent business, today CSE Uniserve forms part of the larger CSE Australia group of companies, itself part of CSE Global.

In the Australian and New Zealand markets CSE Australia deliver electrical, automation, instrumentation and telecommunications products and solutions via our business units located in all states of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Since our inception in Sydney in 1978, CSE Uniserve have grown to encompass offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, serving some of our most respected companies in Australia and around the world. These valued clients in mining, minerals processing, heavy industry, utilities, renewables, transportation and beyond, continue to look to CSE Uniserve to meet their electrical needs, utilising our exclusive world-leading technologies and turning to our engineering services to achieve highly dependable outcomes for their critical projects.

We pride ourselves on meeting the demands of power system protection, automation and data management applications, designing and supplying equipment and solutions for secondary protection and protection systems, digital substations, asset monitoring, motor starting and speed control – enabled not only by our partnerships with leading technology companies, but through our own design and engineering expertise, high quality equipment and training standards.

With a commitment to growth, we continue to build on our strong foundations. CSE Uniserve continually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, and further consolidate lasting, high value relationships with our long-term technology partners. Our core values are centred on technical competence and customer-focused service, delivered under global quality standards. Our focus is the provision of the world’s leading products and solutions, implemented by our highly skilled and experienced engineering teams.

Our clients come to us to start great things. They come back because we help keep great things going.  Let us help you transform your world today.

The following pages provide an introductory product and solution overview relating to our various technologies. Please contact our sales team at industrial@cse-uniserve.com.au for the latest or download some of our literature using the links below.

       Product Overview                                                            CSE Uniserve Capability Statement

Technical Services Capability                                            CSE Global Corporate Overview

A mature quality management system

CSE Uniserve operate under the highest standards of engineering and quality management, conducting all operations in alignment with the latest standards of ISO 9001:2015. Focused on continuous improvement, we maintain a culture of professionalism and service excellence.

We seek to exceed our customer expectations in everything we do, with strict measures in place to monitor and report on any irregularities. Compliance is mandatory for all members of the project team in the execution of their tasks. Four key pillars of management govern our ability to guarantee quality outcomes:

    1. A formal process of review for all final deliverables produced by the project team
    2. Consistent application of project management processes and standards, and regular reviews to ensure proper application of techniques
    3. Provision of appropriately skilled professionals to support every project
    4. Ongoing development and continuous improvement of user based skill-sets through effective training

Quality System Certificate               Quality System Policy

Excellence in health, safety, environment and community management

We aspire to be recognised as a leader in health, safety and the environment, managing our footprint responsibly. We recognise our duty of care and support a philosophy of ‘cleaner operations and ‘sustainability’.

Our Environmental Management System is the very latest standard and we are third party accredited to ISO 14001 ensuring that business operations are conducted in a manner which eliminates or minimises adverse environmental impacts. It is expected that all contractors, purchasers and other parties on CSE properties will also abide by our established environmental, safety and health policies and procedures. These are:

  • Accident free
  • No harm to our environment
  • Quality performance

OH&S Accreditation                                                  Environmental Accreditation

Protecting the well-being of all people

We are committed to well-being, health and safety of everyone. The establishment, implementation and maintenance of our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is compliant with OHSAS 18001. CSE Uniserve operates under a formal HSEQ Management System that conforms with all regulations required in Australia. This common framework ensures consistency across all works conducted on or off-site and sets the benchmark for how we do business.

Complementary to our management system, we have developed a strong culture of accountability and ownership that requires every individual to consider their personal safety, as well as the safety of others in carrying out their daily tasks. As an organisation, have a vested interest in improving organisational safety performance through the implementation of leading communications technologies that reduce the chance of industry-related accidents, injury and related costs.

Health & Safety Policy Document            Environmental Policy Document