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Janitza UMG 508 Multifunction Power Analyser

  • Product: Janitza UMG 508 Multifunction Power Analyser

The Janitza UMG 508 Power Analyser is an all-rounder for the panel mounted main feeder analyser.   The device is equipped with a colourful graphic display with intuitive user interface.   The extensive measuring functions, such as monitoring of short term interruptions, inrush currents, transients, and harmonics up to the 40th order, are unique in this price range.

Features include:

  • Monitoring of a wide range of electrical and energy parameters
  • Continuous monitoring of the power quality parameters
  • Ethernet-Gateway for subordinate measurement devices
  • Analysis of electrical faults and root cause analysis in case of power failures
  • Cost centre management
  • Remote monitoring for real estate management
  • Usage in test facilities (e.g. in Universities)
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Digital technology has changed the way we all work. It has also made the world a much more efficient place, providing real-time information and reducing the carbon footprint of many companies. With customers increasingly turning their focus toward green credentials it is therefore essential to look toward solutions that will streamline their processes and offer products that are built with reliability in mind. This is particularly important in energy markets as power analyser solutions switch to digital.

At CSE Uniserve, we are committed to taking reasonable steps that support our “cleaner operations” philosophy. In recent years we have endeavoured to ensure that all of our business activities are designed, planned and conducted to reduce adverse impacts on the natural environment. We have developed our plan based on the principles of AS/NZS ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems). Our goal is to strive toward operations carried out by us or on our behalf in accordance with government policy agreements and relevant legislation.

It is imperative that we take such measures for the benefit of the world we live in now and to safeguard for future generations. As such, we undertake environmental due diligence in how we provide our services, manage work activities and work toward delivering continuous improvements in this regard.

Janitza 604 Areas of Application

At CSE Uniserve, we offer high-performance power analysers from Janitza. The UMG 604 product family allow for a high scanning rate that incorporates more than 800 measurement parameters. They are suitable for all networks, offer broad communication options and quickly integrates with existing communications architecture.

Some key features of the UMG 604 power analyser:

-    Checking, measuring and monitoring of electrical parameters

-    Remote monitoring

-    Optimal demand management, which ensures that expensive and dangerous peak loads can be avoided

-    Monitoring of power quality

-    Data collection, both consumption and analysis

-    Measurement value generator for constructing management systems

-    Ethernet gateway

-    Event recorder

-    PLC function

A Janitza power analyser offers comprehensive functionality, instantly accessible data and facilitates much more streamlined processes, not to mention real-time decision making that can have a huge impact on costs and efficiency.

Value to Customers via Innovative Solutions

At CSE Uniserve, our goal is to offer value to customers. We have a team of world-class engineers with over 35 years experience and industry knowledge who are committed to finding innovative solutions that work best for our clients. We believe that it is important for the market to have mainstream products that cater to a broad range of issues, however, we feel that it is imperative that alternatives to these tried and tested solutions are also offered, to ensure that our customers can access technological capabilities that best serve their unique requirements.

While we offer well-known brands to our clients, we are focused on finding genuine solutions and complimenting them with long-term support, service, parts and maintenance capabilities. What’s more, where Australian companies undertake overseas contracts we are also experienced and willing to support them.

So, when the time comes for a change, or to explore a new way forward that will best serve both you and your customers, contact us at CSE Uniserve and let’s work toward achieving a solution that’s right for you.

CSE Uniserve is Australia's leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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    The Janitza UMG 508 has per each current input a separate energy counter. The very large data memory of 256 MB permits the logging of all readings for months even without intermediate reading. The extensive communication options, such as RS485 (Modbus RTU, Profibus), Ethernet TCP / IP, BACnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, or DNS allow a cost effective and rapid integration into existing communication structures.

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