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  • Solcon Medium Voltage DriveStart Soft Starter
The Solcon DriveStart is an IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter, optimised for applications that require low starting current and/or a high starting torque.   The cutting edge design results in significant savings in costs, energy and space while meeting high demand application requirements.

Features include:

  • Input voltage – Up to 6.6 kV 50/60Hz +10% -15%.
  • Power range – Up to 6.6kV, 5MW
  • Mains starting current – 10% to 120% of motor rated current
  • Starting capacity of 100% of FLC for 600 seconds at 50°C, numerous number of starts
  • Starting torque - Up to 160% of motor rated toque
  • Internal synchronisation system (bypass), from DriveStart to mains and back
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • Multi-start capabilities
  • Electronic Potential Current Transformer (EPCT) voltage and current measurements via fiber optics
  • Integrated data logger and wave form capture for all major system signals including current and voltage (optional)
  • Remote diagnostics and failure analysis (optional)
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Technological innovations have had a hugely beneficial effect in modern industry. As such, service providers in some quarters are moving toward challenging the traditional mainstream solutions or indeed complimenting them by enhancing what they do through specialised products and services.

At CSE Uniserve, we are a specialist solutions provider and have an established presence across the country and around the world. We are committed to fostering new relationships that we believe can lead to positive change for industry and specifically, our customers. Established products such as the Solcon soft starter range make up an important part of what we can offer industry, however, we are very much committed to providing a comprehensive range of solutions to our clients.

We believe that rather than simply offer a catalogue of products from one brand, that choice of technology is imperative for our customer base, and so to complement the well-known names we continue to supply, our team of highly-skilled engineers are here to create solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs. We are a high-skilled, multi-faceted team with in-depth knowledge and experience in:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Communications network engineering services for critical infrastructure
  • LV and MV Advanced motor starting and speed control
  • Power quality solutions for LV and MV applications
  • Planned and reactive Servicing with our factory trained and supported Services team.

What a soft starter is used for

Depending on the kind of motor being used, large amounts of energy may be required when starting is needed. Variable frequency drives and soft starters are used to reduce power consumption, reduce power costs, reduce strain on other components and extend the life of a motor / machine.

However, while it may appear that they do the same thing and are interchangeable, this is not the case and there are a few points worth noting about soft starters that differentiate its operational functionality and capability.

Soft starters are only used at motor start-up and are designed to ease the motor toward full speed in a much less taxing fashion. For this reason, they are often referred to as an RVSS or a Reduced Voltage Soft Starter. The idea is that they limit the large initial inrush of current associated with motor start-up and therefore prevent damage to AC electric motors.

Soft Starters are solid-state devices that are usually used only in applications that require torque and speed control. Soft starters are effective where a mechanical system needs to relieve the tension associated with start-up and in order to also reduce the effect and possibility of torque spikes.  Offering extremely robust and reliable motor starting, Soft Starters are very popular in pumping and other straightforward starting applications where longevity and reliability are paramount.

Global quality standards

At CSE Uniserve, we believe in technical competence and customer-focused service that meets our global quality standards. We meet a wide range of demands in terms of power system protection, automation and data management applications across a variety of industry. What’s more, we continue to develop high-value relationships with our customers and build upon the solid foundations we work toward establishing from the start.

As such, we hope that when you need a solution to separate your company from the rest in your field, you will seek out CSE Uniserve.

CSE Uniserve is Australia's leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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  • Solcon Solbrake - DC Injection Brakes
DC Injection Brake For Frictionless Motor Braking | CSE Uniserve The Solcon Solbrake Electronic Brake provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking of standard motors by injecting controlled DC current into the motor windings after the line contactor has opened. This DC current induces a stationary magnetic field which exerts a braking torque on the rotor.


  • Range 8-820A, 208-690V
  • Reduces stopping time of high inertia loads
  • Adjustable braking time
  • Auto stop - DC Injection stops when the motor stops
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
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At CSE Uniserve, we are proud to exclusively supply Solcon Solbrake DC injection brake units to the Australian market. Our commitment to our customers is to supply the highest quality products, unrivalled service guarantees and long-term support. Coupled with this, we are also focused on finding innovative solutions to the needs of our customers through engagement with their products, services and practices. This often means finding best practice solutions that ensure genuine alternatives and lesser known, yet just as effective technologies can be accessed and deployed for maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability.

As a solutions-focused organisation we do not seek to provide a single catalogue of product offerings. Our expertise in engineering design makes our engineers at CSE Uniserve unique in this sense and as such we can include the following amongst our long list of competencies:

- RuggedCom industrial Ethernet and data management solutions

- GE Digital Energy Mutilin protection relays and substation automation devices

- Fuji Variable speed drives

- Slip Energy Recovery Drives

- Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters

- Elspec Power Quality metering and solutions

- Solcon LV and MV soft starters

- Univerter MV medium voltage drives

What DC Injection Braking Means

DC injection braking applies direct current (DC) to the stationary windings of an AC motor after the AC voltage has been removed. Where AC motors are concerned it has proven itself as an effective method braking that is both quick and smooth regardless of the load type, that is high-inertia or high-speed.

The Solcon Solbrake Electronic Brake provides frictionless braking by injecting controlled DC into the motor windings of standard motors after the line contactor has opened. The braking time is adjustable to cater to the type of load and it is both easy to install and simple to operate.

Where old electrical braking systems need to be replaced this is an ideal choice. It can be used with auxiliary mechanical brakes and with no moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum, which makes for a much more efficient, long-lasting results.

Solutions to exceed expectations

At CSE Uniserve we originally specialised in HV electric motors and have developed our knowledge and understanding of motor-related electrical equipment and control to complement our expertise in this field. Delivering solutions to motor control is something that we are passionate about and our engineers and technicians have over 30 years experience in this regard, which ensures that whatever the needs of our customers are, we have the capabilities to meet and exceed them.

What’s more, our customers receive lifetime service and technical support expertise via our dedicated customer support that is available 24/7. We deliver onsite test and commissioning, training, site audits and preventative maintenance, so you can rest assured that when you choose CSE Uniserve you are covered from that moment forward.

So, whether it’s a DC injection brake unit or solutions to meet the needs of your site, you will find solutions and innovations that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations right here at CSE Uniserve.

CSE Uniserve is Australia's leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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